I'm Baby Unicorn.

Baby Unicorn will create a decentralized exchange in service of BSC ecosystem, incentivizing each contributor through mining mechanisms.

Baby Unicorn


The BabyUnicorn is the Fork of Uniswap on Binance Smart Chain. Our protocol empowers developers, liquidity providers and traders to participate in a financial marketplace that is open and accessible to all.smile

BabyUnicorn is based on the mature automatic market-making algorithm (AMM) of the fund pool, and realizes the exchange of digital currency, as well as various mining mechanisms such as liquidity mining and transaction mining.

Token Name Baby Unicorn
Symbol $bU
Decimals 9
Supply 100 Billion
Contract Address
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Benefits of BabyUnicorn

Baby Unicorn

Get 10% BNB per Referral

Baby Unicorn

Limited Supply of 100 Million

Baby Unicorn

To the moon!

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What we will do?


Multi-chain AMM

The most competitive rates for DeFi bluechips anywhere. Switch to other chains in one click.

$bU staking

Earn governance rights and 0.05% of all swaps from all chains in one simple place.

Liquidity Mining

earn a $bU on top of the regularly expected yield just for putting assets into a pool.

Plans & Vision


August 2021

Website development

Creation the site for the Baby Unicorn Airdrop & Presale.

September 2021

Launch Token

Listing $bU tokens on Pancake Swap exchange.

October 2021

Exchange Prototype

Creating BabyUnicorn decentralized exchange prototyping in testing environment.

November 2021

Exchange development

Developing Dex for babyunicorn with swap function, add and remove liquidity functions etc.

December 2021

Launch Exchange

Listing $bU tokens on BabyUnicorn exchange

February 2022

LP Token Mining

Earn a $bU and other digital assets on top of the yield just for putting assets into a liquidity pool.

April 2022

Staking $bU

Earn governance rights and 0.05% of all swaps from all chains in one simple place.

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